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Cochrane and Company accepts submissions by email! If you have the capability to send us your submission via email, we can guarantee that it will be placed into our processing system more quickly than those which are faxed or mailed. To further expedite your submission please include your assigned agency ID number in the subject block of your email.

Department Address
Commercial P&C - Binding
Commercial P&C - Brokerage
Commercial Transportation
Personal Lines
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Send Requests Through E-mail

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Department Fax Lines Available

At Cochrane & Company we strive to provide exceptional customer service for our agents. With the demands of the current marketplace, that has been an increasingly difficult task. We are excited to announce some changes that we believe will increase the level of service that we can provide.

Please use the following fax numbers for departmental correspondence. Our general fax number is still available, but using the numbers below will expedite the processing of your request.

Department Spokane Area Toll Free
General 509-838-1710 800-377-8863
Bonds 509-444-0564 800-659-8799
Commercial P&C - Binding 509-242-1819 800-605-5563
Commercial P&C - Brokerage 509-456-0667 800-815-6332
Commercial Transportation 509-444-0561 800-605-5564
Personal Lines 509-444-4114 800-377-8863

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